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Re: [IP] I Give Up! A1C wont Improve


Were you part of the DCCT follow on?   If so, you are doing better than the 
averages of both the experimental and control groups. (Were you part of the 
DCCT control group?)

DCCT was well designed to enable such good A1c numbers!!!!!    When I'm 
told that to try for better numbers I ask a simple 
question.....   How???????????

Crashing but not yet burning in Silicon Valley......  (please no open 
flames....)    :(

Jim S.

At 05/06/2003   03:35 PM, you wrote:

>On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 12:16  PM, Laura Shapiro wrote:
> >There isn't a whole lot left for me to do.
> >Grrrrrrr.
>Greetings.  Like you my A1c is a constant regardless of: testing, 
>tweaking, timing, etc.  So I will go out on a limb here and say: So what.
>The reason I went onto the pump was two fold, to get better control (which 
>has happened) AND to get a better quality of life.  Even with a constant 
>A1c of 7 (which my endo wants below 6.5) I am living a great life!  All of 
>my team thinks things are going great: diet, eyes, nerves, circulation, 
 >etc. I have my life back, no more feeding the insulin, no more roller coaster.
>So is 9 too high? Maybe/Probably, but the other thing I'd like to 
>encourage you to think about is, How is the rest of your life?  Are you 
>eating, exercising, enjoying the things that give you pleasure?  If the 
>answer is yes, then I think you are on your way to better control and a 
>better life, living with DM.
>Good luck,
>Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr.
>IDDM since '85, MM507 since '98

Results of the EDIC study:

Results at the end the follow-up study included:
    * By the end of the EDIC study, 95 percent of the former intensive 
therapy group continued administering multiple injections of insulin a day 
or using an insulin pump, compared to 75 percent of the conventional 
therapy group.
    * Less than 50 percent of both former therapy groups conducted 
self-monitoring tests more than four times a day.
    * At the end of the EDIC study, the average glycosylated hemoglobin 
values (hemoglobin A1c ) were 8.2 percent for the former conventional 
therapy group, compared to 7.9 percent for the former intensive therapy 
group (normal hemoglobin A1c is 6 percent).
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