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[IP] How to get ins. company to decide

I'm sure some of you remember that a while ago, I ordered a new insulin pump,
and that I need to get it before June 1, as my insurance is changing.  The new
insurance will pay for DME *up to* a $2000 cap.  We are not money bags, around
here, and I don't have a money tree growing in the back yard, either.  If we
have to pay $4000, I guess I'll be back on MDI if my 507 dies on me, perish
the thought.

That is, if I DON'T get it prior to June 1.  If I get it before then, I pay
nothing.  A nice little arrangement.  The problem is my insurance company has
been "reviewing" the request for the new pump for a couple of weeks now, and
I'm starting to get very antsy.  I'm leaving town in the middle of the month
and don't want to spend my vacation trying to negotiate with insurance, or the
headache of having it arrive while out of town.

Does anybody know anything I can do as a patient to try to hurry them up a
little bit in issuing a verdict?  I try calling customer service, but the
person I am speaking to, obviously, isn't reviewing it.  I'd like to rattle
some cages, but I don't know what cages to rattle.  My doctor's office
submitted the required paperwork, Logimedix has submitted it for
precertification, so the only remaining hold up is -- insurance.

I can't imagine what could take weeks to decide, and it is driving me nuts.
Not that that's a very long trip.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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