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[IP] Re: Suspending pump and curiousity

> This information regarding suspending the pump is rather bothersome.
> First of all, I learned about this feature of the pump from my pump
> educator. She told me that suspending the pump will stop basal
> delivery, and that resuming will continue delivery including insulin
> you missed.

Well, sorry it's bothersome, but truth is still truth, as well as facts.
Please read your manual. You are talking an *interruption* with
continuation, not suspension. I sat in on a CDE/trainer/pump educator when
my friend got her MM 508. She was told to suspend her pump for 30 min. if
she had a low of <30. I have very little comprehension at that # and don't
think I could get the process straight, so I said, since friend had a basal
of 0.3, that it wouldn't do much anyway since she'd have 0.1 delivered every
20 min. She'd miss 0.1u or 0.2u at most. The CDE argued that her pump would
deliver every 3 min. I said that's what the clicks are, 0.1u and MMs do not
deliver every 3 min.  She programmed her training model and said she'd leave
it on her desk and check it out as she did NOT believe me. DUH, this trainer
didn't even know how the MMs worked! Your trainer is also wrong.

> I see absolutely no purpose in the suspend feature if it is as everyone
> else suggests.  In fact, I see it as dangerous to work otherwise.

That's what YMMV is all about - *you* see absolutely no purpose . . .  BUT,
others do. Michael's Lily often suspends for hours at a time to SCUBA dive
and swim, etc. That would be quite a jolt to her system if her pump
collected all that missed basal and WHAM got it when taking her pump out of
suspend. It works for her - as well as many skiiers - but for you it sounds
like it's useless. That's part of *choice* - we choose what we want to do.

> If I want to stop delivery of insulin for a period of time, I use a
> Temporary Basal Rate of 0 units.  In fact, the pump sort of protects
> the user from doing this too easily.  (You can't just accept 0.0
> units/hour...you have to change the rate and then come back to
> 0.0/hour.)  This makes sense because eliminating insulin delivery for a
> period of time is dangerous.


> Suspending the pump is a convenience feature for those times you want
> to disconnect.  Since I can't know when the next delivery will take
> place, I don't want to just disconnect because it will deliver the
> insulin while I'm disconnected, and I'll miss that insulin without
> necessarily knowing it.

You can figure it out, however. It delivers 0.1u at the top of the hour on
the pump, then divide your basal and it it's 0.6, at 10 after you'll get
another 0.1, as well as 20 after, half after, 40 after, 50 after, then
another at the top of the hour. :-) You'll figure out if you can do
something (change sites) between those clicks at the proper timing.

> To verify how much was missed means you have
> to make an effort to first check your insulin delivery amount so far
> BEFORE you disconnect, and then check again once you reconnect so that
> you can give the missed amount.

I take it you think that's a chore to do that, well, the way you are putting
your temp basal at 0.0u p/h is also a chore to others.

> What advantage does the Suspend feature give at all if it doesn't
> deliver the missed basal insulin?  Why not just disconnect or set a
> temporary basal rate?

It stops the insulin, is the advantage. Depending on the basal, and if it's
lots of exercise (swimming/skiing, etc.) if the pump is left running, it
will waste the insulin. Not everyone is that frivolous - again, Not everyone
uses disconnecting sets, as well. YMMV

> If I disconnect for 2 hours and have it suspended...then at the end of
> the two hours, I will NEED that insulin I missed because my blood sugar
> will be on an upward trend at that point.  At a .6 u/h rate, that means
> I missed 1.2 units of insulin.  WHen I resume, I would need that 1.2
> units of insulin to either bring down or prevent my BG level from
> rising ~60 mg/dL.

That's one reason we test. Take a shot, or reconnect to get what you
missed/need. Remember, what works for you may not work for others.

> If this is truly how the pump operates, I'm actually quite
> disappointed.  The suspend feature just became a worthless feature for
> me.
> Ryan

I'm sorry for your disappointment, but glad this came out in the open since
someone could have been in a lot of trouble if it worked the way discribed -
all the missed basal delivered and perhaps a shot was given to make up for
it as well.

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