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Re: [IP] Re: Occlusion detection

 I have a lot of problems with the plastic cannulas. They bend all the time
on me and block the flow under the skin. As I use a low basal rate (.3 and
5 units/hour) I am not notified for maybe 3-6 hours when I test my blood
sugar and find it sky high. I am not over weight so the bent steel needle
doesn't work and Minimed won't even discuss going back to the old straight
needle that worked great for me for 15 years. They have become worthless.

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> Hi: I was wondering how many of you find that you have a problem with
> occlusions--especially if you own a pump that notifies you of this

Only if I have twisted my tubing and it doesn't allow the flow - but it's my
user problem and I straighten it out and the alarm stops.

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