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Re: [IP] Suspending Pump and Curiosity

Ryan said:
<<<I see absolutely no purpose in the suspend feature if it is as everyone
else suggests.  In fact, I see it as dangerous to work otherwise.
If I want to stop delivery of insulin for a period of time, I use a
Temporary Basal Rate of 0 units.  In fact, the pump sort of protects
the user from doing this too easily.  (You can't just accept 0.0
units/hour...you have to change the rate and then come back to
0.0/hour.)  This makes sense because eliminating insulin delivery for a
period of time is dangerous. >>>

Suspend gives you a periodic alarm to remind you thats its suspended. Sure, 
you could use a temp basal rate, but if your plans change, you may forget to 
change it back and be without any delivery till the temp rate is over.

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