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Re: [IP] Re: Occlusion detection

I use an H-tron.
I have had sites, depending on where they are on abdomen, cannulas would bend.
Sometimes they worked, sometimes not, even a right angle bend on one of them
which worked in some positions, not in others--this is the way I figure.  Food
was not the cause of highs.  With different positions, would go low. Even think
it might be from sputtering beta cells. (am Type 2.)
Guess it is all in the learning process--make mental notes of where site
is/was, what I was doing,  when there is a problem, then avoid that spot.
YMMV     Linda

>  I had a blockage last night that registered nothing I had a 245 BS. A bent
> cannula that had been in place for 2 days.
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