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[IP] Re: Suspending pump and curiousity

This information regarding suspending the pump is rather bothersome.  
First of all, I learned about this feature of the pump from my pump 
educator. She told me that suspending the pump will stop basal 
delivery, and that resuming will continue delivery including insulin 
you missed.

I see absolutely no purpose in the suspend feature if it is as everyone 
else suggests.  In fact, I see it as dangerous to work otherwise.

If I want to stop delivery of insulin for a period of time, I use a 
Temporary Basal Rate of 0 units.  In fact, the pump sort of protects 
the user from doing this too easily.  (You can't just accept 0.0 
units/hour...you have to change the rate and then come back to 
0.0/hour.)  This makes sense because eliminating insulin delivery for a 
period of time is dangerous.  

Suspending the pump is a convenience feature for those times you want 
to disconnect.  Since I can't know when the next delivery will take 
place, I don't want to just disconnect because it will deliver the 
insulin while I'm disconnected, and I'll miss that insulin without 
necessarily knowing it.  To verify how much was missed means you have 
to make an effort to first check your insulin delivery amount so far 
BEFORE you disconnect, and then check again once you reconnect so that 
you can give the missed amount.  However, if the suspend feature 
handles this, then you don't have to worry about missing insulin.

What advantage does the Suspend feature give at all if it doesn't 
deliver the missed basal insulin?  Why not just disconnect or set a 
temporary basal rate?  

If I disconnect for 2 hours and have it suspended...then at the end of 
the two hours, I will NEED that insulin I missed because my blood sugar 
will be on an upward trend at that point.  At a .6 u/h rate, that means 
I missed 1.2 units of insulin.  WHen I resume, I would need that 1.2 
units of insulin to either bring down or prevent my BG level from 
rising ~60 mg/dL.  

If this is truly how the pump operates, I'm actually quite 
disappointed.  The suspend feature just became a worthless feature for 

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