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[IP] re: frustrations!

I have to vent or I'll explode!  I have just started working with an
endocrinologist at a local hospital who is pump savy and will probably be
fine.  This is only at the request of my internist who is both diabetes and
pump savy (having taught herself everything about pumps once I became her
patient) and whom I adore.  So Dr. S. upon my first (and so far only visit)
explains that I have to see a nurse educater and nutritionist I gather at
least once in order to work with her. I agree and today saw both, one
following the other.  Now forgive me but I have a real problem with any health
care provider who is significantly overweight who is going to educate me about
how to keep myself health living with diabetes.  The nurse educater presents
as such.  She then explains how she is going to ask me some basic questions
about diabetes.  I have no patience with such "basics" at this point in my
life after having lived with this disease, in a very pro-active manner for 27
years and so we start off with me declining the basic questions.  She probes
about with lack of knowledge about recent blood tests drawn, hormonal,
prolactin levels ect. as she doesn't know what normal values are....I try and
cope with her and then get presented to the nutritionist who after a bit of a
chat with me says, "no one uses only one basal rate" (I have .6 around the
clock) and starts explaining why I need to have more rates.  I just couldn't
believe it....my last A1C's have been 6.5, 6.1 and 6.9 ,my glucose values
(which I had to present) are great and very steady(I check constantly,
including all night long)  (and as my partner put it...what is a nutritionist
doing talking about your pump instead of nutrition.)  She then goes on to
explain how on the pump you don't get hypoglycemia!  Needless to say I
challenged her on all things including...why are you trying to change things
when nothing is wrong?  I can't tell you all how frustrated I was...yet
another medical person in my life who thinks they need to tell me ...never
mind that I never asked and don't have present difficulties, how to run my
life as a diabetic!   You can tell I'm still frustrated but I know you would
all understand and just wanted to "speak with everyone on this list!"  Thanks
for being there!  serena dx'd 76, pumping since '89
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