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[IP] Re: Disetronic v. Minimet

>I actually used the Paradigm for a couple of weeks, then a D-Tron 
>Plus.  Both reps were polite and each of the pumps had advantages.  I 
>cannot stress enough the benefit of actually getting your hands on them 
>and learning their ups and downs.  Just filling a pump with insulin every 
>three days steered me to the Disetronic, which uses prefilled Lilly 
>Humalog cartridges.  On the other hand, that pump is bigger and 
>heavier.  On the other side, the Plus has not had any technical 
>glitches.  So, make up your own mind and do what's right for you.

John Griffin
pumper since Thanksgiving

>Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 07:45:47 -0500
>From: "margo2" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: RE: [IP] Disetronics vs MM
>Thanks for the feedback. Most of the people are on a MM but I think that's
>because the center seems to push it.
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