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[IP] Re: Suspending pump and curiousity

Summer replied:
>>> It doesn't give what you missed it just continues on from where it would
be at had you not disconnected - meaning if you disconnect at say 6:00 and
you get 1.2 units and hour and you reconnect at 6:30 you will continue to
get the 0.6 units remaining on the hours basal(spread out over the
30minutes) not the full 1.2u >>>

That is how the other MMs work and as it should be, which is quite different
from the other poster's comment: "Once you resume, any basal insulin that
you missed will be delivered at the next scheduled delivery time so that you
never actually miss any insulin."

Thanks for comfirming what I thought to be true, that you do miss the
insulin and have the choice of bolusing to make it up or leave it missed,
depending on the circumstances.

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