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Re: [IP] Re: How to kill spare batteries!

My son calls me a bag lady.
I carry 2 shoulder bags when I leave house, one with wallet, comb, lipstick,
compact, glucose tabs, small bag of crackers, a syringe, the other with snack
bars, Diabetic canned "food replacement" drink, water, spare site, spare
batteries (in package), 2 syringes & a magazine.  I usually only keep the site
in bag about a month, use it, putting newer one in bag.  I leave the extra bag
in car to be carted in when arriving back home.
Have a bag of my favorite chips, another drink & Soy Chips (found at Walgreens
where potato chips are) in trunk of car in a container.  Glucose tabs in pocket
too.  Very rarely has any of it been needed, you never know... Linda
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