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[IP] Suspending pump and curiousity

I've seen many references to people disconnecting from their pump, and 
worrying about missing insulin delivery, or having to prime to 
compensate, etc.  This gets me thinking.

The Paradigm has a "Suspend" feature.  This will stop the pump from 
delivering any insulin until you resume.  Once you resume, any basal 
insulin that you missed will be delivered at the next scheduled 
delivery time so that you never actually miss any insulin.  
(Suspending, does, however, stop any bolus insulin that it was 

Anyhow, do not all pumps have this feature? When I shower, I 
disconnect...but I suspend the pump first and then resume the pump when 
I reconnect.  (It is nice because the pump also beeps to remind me to 
resume in case I forget to.)  Anyhow, I never have to worry about 
missing insulin this way, etc.

I also have paid attention to  whether any "air" gets in the line while 
disconnected.  While I've not disconnected for more than 30 minutes at 
a time, I've never once had any air enter the line to worry about 
priming.  Perhaps the QuickSets handle this better than other sets???

Just curious about this, since I'm only familiar with the Paradigm.

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