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[IP] people w/m.m.paradigm quick set

Is the attached correct? Why do you have to prime again. Are you suggesting 
you leak or lose insulin when you disconnect? where does it go? Wouldn't I 
feel wetness or a splash, when I disconnect? wouldn't I see a drop on the 
counter where i lay the pump? What happens if i suspended the pump before 
disconnecting? I don't because w my basil of .7/hr I would lose  like .1 in a 
ten minute shower. I use a paradigm pump w/quick set. What do others who use 
m.m. paradigm w/quick set do?

Consulting my manual says for the quick set  " before reconnecting remember 
to prime the tubing until you see a drop of insulin at the connector part" 
guess i'll do that see what happens. I willing to bet it won't take much, but 
if it's more that.1 or .2
I'm going to rethink this.

> Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 12:10:39 -0700
>  From: "john h. williams" <email @ redacted>
>  Subject: [IP] Top Tips
>  Those of you who are worried about disconnecting for a shower should relax.
>  You can disconnect, plug the insert, and then reconnect.  The only 
>  thing to remember is that you must prime again when you reconnect. I prime 
> 6  unit.  That seems to work.
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