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[IP] A1c Now

I didn't make it to the chat but wanted to share my experience with the A1c
Now test with those who are interested. I've used it twice so far and have a
third test sitting in my refrigerator (I purchased a 2-pack). I am very
satisfied with its accuracy and ease-of-use. I decided to try this out when
twice out of the last three blood tests ordered by my doctor they didn't do
the A1c. I don't know who screwed up, but the doctor's office is certainly
not making sure the proper tests are done. The last time it happened I
decided to get one of the A1c test to try when my lab test was rescheduled.
Comparing the result with the lab showed a .1 difference. That convinced me.

While you can order the test directly from Metrika and also at Walgreens,
there are also some mail order companies (like Diabetic Express and Diabetic
Promotions) that offer them $1 - $3/test cheaper than Metrika depending on
how many test you order. Until a Walgreens comes to my area, I'm ordering
from Diabetic Express.

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