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Re: [IP] Disetronics vs MM

 Not sure where you are, but up here in Thunder Bay, Ontario our diabetes clinic
has pumps and sets and all, for one to trial before deciding, and disetronic has
never given them the pumps or info to supply paitents - the MM and Animas pumps
are there along with oodles of info but not the disetronic - which could explain
why we are yet to have a single disetronic pumper but over 20 MM and I think 2
Animas. Its hard to buy something if they aren't willing to let you see it

 MM here is very well supported and the sales people here are great - they are
easy to reach on the phone and will do all they can to come to the city to
personally meet with you.

 One way of choosing may be to ask the diabetes clinic how many pumpers they
have and which pumps they are on - they should know and that should give you an
idea as to which is well supported, of course the pump will need to fit your
life styles to but I found it a comfort to get a pump that many others had so I
can talk to them about it and when neccesary borrow supplies and so on.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

. The diabetes care center is the 
> only one in
> our area and my doctor is affiliated with them. They had mentioned 
> theycarried Diesetronic over the phone but when I went there 
> yesterday the
> educator said they hadn't seen a representative for a long time, 
> that they
> just quit coming. He pushed the paradigm, which he himself was 
> wearing. Any
> comments would be appreciated as I would rather not make a mistake in
> choosing my pump.
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