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[IP] Top Tips (disconnecting to shower or bath clarification)

 John Williams wrote that when showering, he disconnects his pump, "plugs the
insert", reconnects then, primes again. I have 3 questions. #1 How do you "plug
the insert"?#2 Why do you need to "plug the insert"?#3 Why do you need to prime
again? We always disconnect for the bath tub and don't plug the insert or prime
again. What am I missing. Thanks.

Mom to Rachel, 4 diagnosed 2/28/02, pumping Paradigm, 7/12/02, 
   pumping COZMO 2/08/03, using diluted Novolog
David 15, non-d (bass player-punk band - doing gigs at teen birthday parties)
Wife to Phil
Mesa, Arizona            email @ redacted

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