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[IP] How to kill spare batteries!

I learned the hard way how not to store spare batteries.  I always carry
spare batteries with me in case I need to change them while I'm away from
home.  Since I'm a guy I have a goal to condense everything into as small as
a bag as I can.  I currently use a small camera bag.  Instead of storing the
batteries in their packaging.  I decided to put 8 spares in old film
canister.  I thought it was pretty convient and it stored very nicely.  I
was at work the other day when I got the lo battery alarm, and since I have
an animas, that is the only alarm you get.  Once get the alarm, I need to
change the batteries.  So I pulled my spares out and put them in the pump.
Absolutely nothing happened.  No power whatsoeever.  I took those out and
put some other spares in, again no power.  Since I'm an engineer, I have a
volt meter that I used to measure the volts on the batteries.  Absolutely
nothing.  The old batteries that I took out did have some volts on them.  So
I had to run to the store to get new batteries.  From what we could figure
at work, the loose batteries contacting each other drained them.  So bottom
line is don't let you spare batteries come in contact with each other.

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