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[IP] Avoid temptation!!!

It is really tempting to use the "Block Mail" function of your email 
reader. However, if you do this you are actually yourself and this list a 
real disservice. Virtually all blocked mail gets sent back to the sender. 
So, whether you block mail from a specific individual or from a whole 
location, that mail is going back to where it came from. This has some 
definite consequences:

1. If it is IP List mail, it comes back to us and one of the admins has to 
analyze it and determine what the problem is. I've been doing this job and 
can testify that we literally get hundreds of bounces a day. Remember, the 
admins are all volunteers who have jobs and family too. Dealing with this 
task takes hours every day and is a very onerous chore.

2. If it is Spam, all you are doing is confirming that your email address 
is valid. This means that you'll be put on even more Spam lists. A high 
percentage of Spam is not really selling anything... they are just 
validating email addresses, which they in turn sell to a real Spammer. For 
this reason you should never respond or block Spam mail.

The moral is, please don't block messages from fellow members... the delete 
key is a much better tool. Especially don't block messages from Michael. 
Every time he makes an announcement, I see dozens of returned messages that 
say something like this:

"Your mail to the following recipients could not be delivered because they 
are not accepting mail from email @ redacted"

While you may not like his donation messages, he is only trying his best to 
keep the list alive. Adding more work for him and all of the volunteers 
that volunteer here, is not very helpful. So please avoid temptation and 
limit your use of message blocking.


Sam Skopp
One of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: