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[IP] Re: Re: Three Minute Basal Pump-What is It?

On Wednesday, May 7, 2003, "Laura Shapiro" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Well, since I started this--
> there has to be a reason that this is listed on the Comparison charts 
> as being
> 3 minute with all pumps except MM.
> Jan--we're talking Basal delivery not Bolus delivery.

Laura, I think you must have misunderstood Jan, she explained it 
correctly, you probably just got confused with the wording.  The MM 
pumps deliver the basal in 0.1 unit increments.  So your rate per hour 
determines how frequently you get that 0.1 unit increment.  If your 
rate is 0.1/hour, you get one "infusion" or "bolus" of 0.1 unit during 
that hour.  If your rate is 0.2/hour, you get 2 infusions of 0.1, on 
the half hour.  If your rate is 0.3/hour, you get a basal infusion of 
0.1 every 20 minutes.

I did fine on an MM, even during the night with 0.3/hour rates, and I 
always assumed it didn't make any difference.  But, when I started 
using an Animas (which has the every-three-minutes infusion of basal), 
I noticed how much easier it was for me to cover exercise by lowering 
my basal.  I think when I reduced my 0.4/hour rate to 0.2/hour on the 
MM and then exercised, I did not have a constant enough supply for the 
insulin needs of exercise, so would find myself sometimes going high.  
This would not be a problem for those of you with a higher rate, nor 
for those of you who can disconnect to exercise (something that would 
have always made me go high).  Also, suspending all basals is more 
reliable for getting my bg up on the Animas (This can be useful if you 
have realized you have to lower basal rates, something I spent the last 
2 perimenopausal years often having to do.  It can be even more useful 
if gastroparesis has stopped you from digesting the food that you had 
already bolused for.)

But I do miss being able to disconnect just after the click of a basal 
increment and reconnect before the next one, and not miss any insulin.  
Also, on the MM I could look at the day's history before I disconnected 
and when I reconnected and be able to replace it exactly.  With the 
Animas, I have to approximate -- or else stay detached till I have 
missed an amount that is an exact tenth <gr.>.

> On Wed, 7 May 2003 11:23:01 -0400, Bruce Felstein wrote:
>> You are sort of close.  A 3 minute basal means that the pump delivers
> the
>> basal dosage every 3 minutes.  The MiniMed pumps only deliver the 
>> basal
>> dosages every 10 minutes.  That is the lowest rate that they can do.

Bruce, a dosage of 0.1 every 10 minutes would be 0.6/hour.  At any rate 
other than 0.6/hour, it would not be delivered every 10 minutes.  There 
is something wrong with your info.  I spent 4 years using an MM for 
mostly lower rates than that.

Linda Z
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