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Re: [IP] Help adjusting basal/bolus rates

Best suggestion is to get a copu of the book, PUMPING INSULIN by John Walsh, 
3rd edition.  This book will tell you everything you need to know about how 
to get started, how to fine tune everything and just about everything else 
you will need.

Try getting it, if you can, through this list's book page link to Amazon so 
that this list can receive a much needed donation from Amazon.

Also, if things are in such a way that you really just can't do that right 
now, I have the 2nd edition here that I will be more than willing to send to 
you FREE.  If interested, just send me you snail mail addy OFF LIST and I 
will get it out to you.  The biggest difference between the two is that the 
2nd talks about pumping with regular and the 3rd talks about pumping with 
humalog, plus more stuff like kids and teens, and pumping while pregnant.  
But the basics are the same and it helped get us going 3+ years ago!

mom to Joshua
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