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Re: [IP] Top Tips

On 7 May 2003 at 12:10, john h. williams <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Those of you who are worried about disconnecting for a shower should
> relax. You can disconnect, plug the insert, and then reconnect.  The
> only important thing to remember is that you must prime again when you
> reconnect. I prime 0.6 unit.  That seems to work.

 That seems to work...... For YOU!!! It is definitely a YMMV situation with
needing to "re-
 prime" when you reconnect. I usually don't miss that much insulin taking a
shower and
 people's basals can vary quite a lot from needing 0.6 units to make up the
missed basal
 during a shower. Now if you are speaking of having to re-priming the tubing, if
the pump
 is left on and placed on a level surface, the insulin tends to NOT recede from
the end of
 the tube. I know that can be affected by putting the pump in pause, the
pressure or even the level of the Dow!       ;>)

 But when you say that "you must prime again when you reconnect" SHOULD be
with a YMMV.

George   :>)
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