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[IP] Help adjusting basal/bolus rates

Hello all,

I'd gotten my pump then my husband switched jobs leaving us without
insurance, so i'm having to waiting another 2 months and it's been close
to 3 months since i've seen an endo.

my GP is totally clueless and says i'm on my own. lol he wanted to script
me novolin 70/30 and i had to even explain what lantus was to him.

I got 1x with a MM rep before moving and losing insurance so i'm still
lost as to how to adjust my basal rate. and what all it can do. i'm using a
MM508C. Right now i've got it set to .8u/hr which keeps me about
120-130ish if i dont eat.

bfast post prandal seems to kill me, i've doubled insulin for that just
lunch seems okay with a ratio of 10:1
dinner runs a ratio of 13:1 (me thinks)

I'd appreciate any help if possible

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