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[IP] Frio

I would say no to wearing the Frio constantly submerged, but that is strictly
a guess on my part. I do not have the instructions anymore for ours and this
is a situation that has not come up for us as Sara always takes her pump off
when getting in the water.
In this circumstance I would write to the Frio folks by e-mail and get the
straight scoop from them. It maybe that after a certain time the Frio crystals
do not absorb more water and it just functions without becoming "waterlogged"
as it were.
If you find out this bit of info. please share with the many of us that have
the Frios. I bet quite a few do not recall if there is a water time
restriction, how long it might be and if it is only continuous submersion as
opposed to sporadic dunkings.

Pam, mom to Sara
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