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[IP] Re: Switch from pumping

>>>Has anyone tried the lantus insulin to provide 24 hour basal and come off
pump.  my endo has suggested this.



Are you having problems operating your pump? Does your endo think it will be
easier on *him/her* if you are not pumping? This is a rather unusual,
puzzling question. Pumps allow different basal rates throughout the day,
where Lantus is a flat rate. Pumps allow one injection every 2-5 days and
you'd be covering your bolus/food/carb amounts with injections equalling
about 4+ injections per DAY. Why is s/he suggesting this? Does s/he have to
endure that many injections him-/herself and wants someone else to *suffer*
along with him/her?

*IF* it were me, I wouldn't go for it and would find a doc who would handle
my pumping needs. YMMV (~_^)

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