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[IP] Re: 3-Minute Basal Pump - What is it?

> You are sort of close.  A 3 minute basal means that the pump delivers the
> basal dosage every 3 minutes.  The MiniMed pumps only deliver the basal
> dosages every 10 minutes.  That is the lowest rate that they can do.

Where do people get their info? You can set a 25u bolus to deliver over a
square wave of 30 min. That's *almost* every minute!! I wonder if the poster
has a MM or is a non-user and *speculating* about hearsay?

gail d wrote:
> I am not clear how the MM
> delivered my .2 and .3 rates - not sure if it was once
> an hour, OR .1 at the hour, the remaining .1(s) at
> each 15 min mark until the full rate was reached.

Gail, just divide the basal into 60 minutes = .3 into 60 is every 20 min.  A
basal of 1.5 would be every 4 min.; 2.0 would be every 3 min.; 0.6 would be
every 10 min.; 0.4 - 15 min. My 0.7 is every *almost* 9 min. They all start
at the top of the hour on your pump's clock that is displayed. To check this
out, MM user's watch your pump when it is almost the next hour and when it
changes, it will click. (~_^)

The above is also a reason to not stop the pump for a low since the next
basal delivery may not be affected anyway. But, as stated before, it needs
to be stopped 1.5 - 2 hours before a low - if it's predictable. ;-)

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