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[IP] Question: One Touch Smart

Hello All - I have missed you guys a lot!!!

I have been so busy lately and I have gotten behind on my digest by ~ a

I have a quick question and some venting to do.  I want to buy the One Touch
Ultra Smart since my insurance changed my strips to top tier formulary and
now have to pay $70 for co-pay.  One touch is 2nd tier formulary which I
would pay less for strips.  

QUESTION: Is there a way to order this meter from the IP site (like I have
read to do with Amazon) so IP gets a 'commission'?

Let me know. Also, I found it on Diabetic Express for 79.95 + $5 for
shipping.  With $50 on rebate, I end up paying $30.  Is this the best deal
you guys have heard?  My insurance company refuses to get me a new meter
(even the 'non-smart' One Touch) since they say my current one works and
that it is not their fault that Medco changed their formulary on Precision
xtra strips.  So the meter my insurance co. assign to me when I was
diagnosed is not covered by my formulary! (well it is but is the most
expensive co-pay.)

I need to get a meter w/in the next couple of weeks since the insurance
company, Medco, did a number with my prescription.

My Dr. wrote tests 6-times per day.  Dispense 3m 

She meant, as she always has, 3 m= 3 months

Well, they claim the 'm' was not clear enough; therefore, they refuse to
send me the balance of my order (only sent 3-boxes) and  I am missing 200+
strips.  And of course they charged me $70 instead of $40.  I elevated it
and nothing.  

In addition, for some odd reason, I am having all these unexplained highs.
I never saw (very rarely) anything above 160-180 after a 2-hour test.
Usually it was after a new meal that I had 'guessed' for the 1st time the

Now I have seen 240, 280 even say 300 pretty often.  If I miss my carbs
counting, it shoots up like a rocket. For me that is all new and very
concerning.  I guess I was use to what was left of my beta-cells covering my
mistakes.  Now I am using more insulin.  I am waking up at 120 vs. my old
90s (and yes, I am about to start one of the dreaded basal self-studies and
will be waking up 3-times / night to check what is going on.) 

I have only been a diabetic for 1.5 years and I guess, my personal theory,
my pancreas is producing its last bits of insulin.  Needless to say that I
have been using even more strips than usual trying to control all these
highs and making sure I do not go too low from the correction. 

I was given an urine test to see if I had a silent urine track infection but
it came back negative.

BTW, I can tell I have been running high at other times because I have loss
a lot of weight (for my estimations) ~10lbs so I am very concerned.  It is
not all the high themselves, the nauseas of the BG-roller coaster also
contributes to not eating my regular meals but when I am in tight control it
takes an act of God for me to loose 2lbs.  I am in shape and not overweight
so it is really shocking to see this happen again (1st time when diagnosed.)

It is ironic how all of it hit at once: less strips, more expensive strips,
and increase on my strip usage.  

Well, thank you in advance for your help and thanks for listening.  

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Dx T1 on 2/11/02 Pumping since June '02
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