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RE: [IP] Frio

Artorius Rex <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I agree that the Frio is not designed for use as a pump
> waterproofing case, but can it be submerged safely?
> Would you need to remove it and stash it somewhere before
> taking a swim with your pump?

Well, the material in there continues to absorb water and expand.  I've put
my Frio in a bowl of water for just a few minutes too long, and the result
was the gel had swollen up so much I couldn't get my insulin pen in there.
I think leaving the Frio Wallet exposed to water with the pump in it is
asking for problems.  If nothing else, I'd be afraid the Frio gel would
burst its way out of the pouch!  (I'm sure there IS some saturation point
where the gel can't absorb any more liquid, but I'm not sure I'd want to
test where that point is ;-) )

Besides, I'm not sure how good the salt would be for it.

Enjoy your trip, though!

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