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Re: [IP] Allergy to tape

>I am terribly allergic to non-allergenic tape. One of my main concerns 
>going on the pump is the adhesive that is used to hold everything in 
>Within 24 hours of having this tape on my skin it blisters and bleeds. 
>anyone had this problem and, if so, how did you get around the 
>problem? I
>have my appointment to discuss the insulin pump at noon today and 
>would like
>to get an idea about this issue.

For the first 6 months or so I had no problems with the tape.  Then, 
back in January, I started noticing a bit of itchiness.  At first I 
just attributed it to dry skin.  But, over the past several months, it 
progressively worsened, and now after only a day I get a rash that will 
start to "weep" and takes a few weeks to fully go away.  

I was using the IV 3000 tape...but am not able to anymore.  I tried 
elinating the IV Prep, but it wasn't the problem.

I called my doctor, who suggested I call Minimed.  They sent me out a 
package with free samples of various other products to try.  One, 
called "Bard" was supposed to create a protective barrier so that the 
tape wouldn't be a problem...but it did absolutely nothing for me.  I 
also tried another skin prep type product, but it also didn't help.  

I also tried just using the tape that is part of the Quickset, but I 
reacted to that as well.

I finally tried the Tegaderm tape and one other tape.  THe other tape 
gave me a rash, but Tegaderm did not.  I've been using the Tegaderm for 
about 1 1/2 weeks so far.  I'm still a little itchy...but it appears to 
be residual effects from my previous rashes because after I take off 
the Tegaderm, the skin actually looks very good.

>The other concern is, of course, PAIN upon insertion of the needle or
>cannula. I would like to hear from everyone that considers this 
>procedure a
>relatively minor procedure with minimal pain. I would also like to know
>exactly what you are using and whether you use a steel needle or 
>cannula. Thanks in advance.

I have always been sensitive on the belly.  About 50% of the infusion 
sets I put in hurt...and about half of those hurt a lot.  But, the pain 
only lasts a short time, so I just bear with it.  I use the QuickSet 
which has the cannula and insertion needle.  I have found that the 
lower I can do it on my belly, the less it hurts...but as I get to the 
sides, I have to go higher due to my pelvis bone.  Lower is problematic 
because of wearing a belt...but fortunately the QuickSet has a fairly 
low profile, so it really hasn't been a problem.  I try to keep the 
site as close to the belt line as possible without getting under the 
belt itself.  

If I go any higher than the belly-button, I'm sure to be in pain...if 
not for the insertion, then within a couple of days.  I've considered 
switching to the 6mm cannula, but haven't done so yet.  I'm afraid that 
the 6mm cannula would pull out too easily.

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