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RE: [IP] 3 Minute Basal Pump - What is it?

Summer said:

> NA -AHHHH not so - the MM pumps would deliver every
>10 minutes only if your basal is 0.6u a hour. If your
>basal is 1.2 units an hour you get 0.1 every 5minutes
>and so on, the MM pumps deliver the basals in 0.1
>unit increments meaning depending on how many 0.1's
>you get an hour is how often you get it, it is not
>necessarily every 10 minutes.

The MM pumps (ALL OF THEM) pump in increments of .1
ONLY.  So, if your basal rate happens to be .1 per
hour - you will get .1 unit of insulin delivered at
the top of the hour (as Jan H suggested).  That's it
until the next hour!  Anything greater than .3 per
hour is in set 10 or 15 minute increments (I don't
remember what it was).  I am not clear how the MM
delivered my .2 and .3 rates - not sure if it was once
an hour, OR .1 at the hour, the remaining .1(s) at
each 15 min mark until the full rate was reached.

One of the reasons, early on at least, that the
Paradigm pump was not being marketed to folks whose
basals were < .3 per hour is that anything less than
that was perceived as an occlusion by the pump. 
Although the MM pump rep was insistent that I try out
their pump (at first) when I told him my lowest basal
is .1 per hour - he backtracked quickly - then
suggested I dilute my insulin to get around the
"little problem."

If you look at the pump comparison charts that are
linked from the IP website somewhere - you will notice
that the MM pumps' information is not as easy to
decipher as the other pumps in terms of their hourly
delivery rates.  This is due to the .1 fixed minimum
delivery rate.

Other pumps are able to split the .1 unit over the
hour by 3 minute increments.

All the research I have seen states that there is no 
difference between the once per hour and the every
3-minute delivery rates.  My ANECTDOTAL experience is
that the 3-minute deliver rate with such a low basal
rate has tremendously improved my overall BG numbers. 
I don't have as many lows since I switched to the
Dtron+ - and my A1c has decreased.  I am in the same
boat as Laura with the consistently "high" A1cs
despite "following all the rules".

I hope that with Laura's persistence, the pump rep's
persistence, and a miracle giving her CDE & MD brains
- that she is able to at least try out the 3-minute

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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