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[IP] first a1c since pumping

Hello all

Kali is doing great with her pump.  after all the problems we had getting
started, my family (grandparents and in-laws) asked me if it was all worth
it.  well her a1c went from 9 to 7.2.  i know its not all from the pump,
but its a big help.  Its really nice to see Kali not get so upset all the
time.  when her sugar was high she would get very upset because she didn't
want another shot.  we still have high and a few lows but i think they will
get better as we learn to carb count better.  I have to say i'm really glad
i went with the cosmo Named "Cosmo" of course.  we have my treatment also.
It's great to print out the reports to bring with us to the endo's office.
Kali had her 11th birthday and her 2nd D anniversary.  I just cant tell you
how much you all have helped my and ease my mind over these last few months.

Mom to Kali (D,11) and Ryley (4)

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