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[IP] 3 Minute Basal Pump - What is it?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You say you have always used a 3 minute basal pump.  What is
a 3 minute basal pump?>>>

MiniMed pumps 50X series (dunno about the Paradigm) deliver in 0.1u
according to the basal rate per hour. For instance, a basal of 0.4u p/h
means 0.1u every 15 min. starting on the hour. For the 3-min. basal pumps it
doesn't make any difference the basal rate, they deliver every 3 minutes a
tiny amount that totals what the rate is on the hour during the hour.

My first two pumps delivered in whole units only - my ONE (that's all they
had) basal rate was *21* meaning I got 21 units of basal spread over 24
hours so it took more than an hour to get one unit delivered at once. (Hope
that's clear. Like a 1-unit shot ever 65 or so minutes).

The posters were talking about the pumps that deliver basals every 3

(BTW, I snipped the entire rest of the long post I'm replying to that was
included in the above question to allow bandwidth for more productive posts
on the digest)

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How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on.

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