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[IP] 3 Minute Basal Pump - What is it?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You say you have always used a 3 minute basal pump.  What is a 
3 minute basal pump?


Subj:   re:[IP] I Give Up! A1C wont Improve 
Date:   5/6/03 9:56:33 PM Central Daylight Time 
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<<<<<<<<From: "Laura Shapiro" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] I Give Up! A1C wont Improve

OK, I have to vent so here goes--I have had two pump reps, one much more
than the other, who acted like my Educator was getting me a new pump.
The issue was a three minute basal and if it made a difference in A1C.
I guess I wont know, because she has no intention of doing this (neither
does the Endo.)

So, this morning I go to the clinic and am all of two minutes late--they
tried to send me home. It took a half hour in rush hour to get there, so
I said I was not going home.  Then they do an instant A1C which is still
at a 9.  Been a 9 forever, but was actually better under the care of my
old Endo and HMO.

There isn't a whole lot left for me to do.

I'd be very upset too, is this the only endo and educator your insurance
will now let you see?  I would not want to go back. 
I have heard that the 3 minute basal makes a difference for some people
but can't give you personal experience because I've always used a 3
minute basal pump.  I think it's an individual thing.
I hope you can find some way to get a better DR!

Faith, pumping with the dtron plus 4-5-03 

type 1 diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here

pumping since 08-00
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