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[IP] Improving AIC's

I seen the recent post on somebody wanting to improve their A1C's. Sometimes
getting the Aic reading isn't a total, true look at the whole picture. I know
that my insulin need have changed with age and being a diabetic longer or
exercise or lack of exercise changes have occurred. Sometimes the A1C can be
looked at putting "your life in the last three months in perspective". For me,
"oh I had a lot of sinus infections, or I didn't take notice of the PMS issue,
ignoring these changes" until later or "I was under a lot of stress other than
normal" Anyway the beauty of the pump is increasing temporary basals under
stress, infection, PMS - I know you are a man but there are other non-gender
related effects to normal control.
You can improve AIC's by getting in a little more exercise. Making sure you
bolus-sometimes I know I forgot to bolus after eating something. Sometimes
insulin needs change and basal increases need to happen at certain times of
the day when running a little high. It certainly can be frustrating getting
those AIc's down to the normal range but they are only an average with no set
number when you were high or low, sometimes lows can be rebounded to highs
skewing those numbers big time. The glycemic index thing is a big question
when some food shoot BG up and we'all think we have it covered and something
"throws the Monkey Wrench in" causing a low or a high later for whatever
reason a few hours later. It is all a crap shoot and the trick is trying to
figure it all out for what ever works for your situation.
I know, at my best is eating higher fiber foods, my fruits and veggies and
exercising daily keeps my A1C levels closer to normal. It is all a pain but it
works for me. Sharon B
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