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Re: [IP] RE I Give Up, A1C Wont Improve

On 5/6/03 1:35 PM, "Laura Shapiro" <email @ redacted>Demonstrated stellar
typing skills and mental acuity by writing:

> Jenny:  I wish though,that mine was not dead stuck at a 9.  If there was an
> award for holding steady at one number, without wavering, I would win the
> prize.
 > Interestingly enough, I have a Type I sister (10 years older) and she is
> at a 9, but she is on MDI.  Other than that, we have not had any dangerous
> episodes (no hospitalizations or anything) and we are in pretty darn good
> health.

Hmmmm.... Must be in your Levi's (Jeans=Genes)

Quite a while back I heard my endo give a talk at the British Diabetes
Association's Ballymena chapter and he said (Full out Ballymurphy accent!)
"I'ye be runnin' a 8-9 Haitch bee eh wan sea, allll the tame, at least yer
stable!" (translation: 'If you're running an HbA1c of 8-9 all the time, at
least you are stable.') LOL!

Given that, at the time they were finding out the spikes and falls in BG
control was-to a large part- responsible for the blood vessel breakages and
a main contributing factor to vascular complications, the stable HbA1c was
in fact, more desirable than wild fluctuations. He'd rather see one of his
patients coming in at at a 6-7, but not at the cost of hypos, burnout and
all. He also didn't want to see a 14% one time and a 5% the next. Stay at
8-9 and be stable.

<G> You're sure that Lab equipment IS working right? Kind of neat to be that
level! But don't take it like a report card. You are so cool! "9" must
simply be your number of wellness.

You know it9s a sin for women to make coffee? It says it in the Bible:

Jenny Sutherland
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