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Re: [IP] I Give Up! A1C wont Improve

On 5/6/03 12:35 PM, "Frank Tegethoff" <email @ redacted>Demonstrated
stellar typing skills and mental acuity by writing:

> Laura,
> Greetings.  Like you my A1c is a constant regardless of: testing,
> tweaking, timing, etc.  So I will go out on a limb here and say: So what.
> The reason I went onto the pump was two fold, to get better control
> (which has happened) AND to get a better quality of life.  Even with a
> constant A1c of 7 (which my endo wants below 6.5) I am living a great
> life!  All of my team thinks things are going great: diet, eyes, nerves,
> circulation, etc.  I have my life back, no more feeding the insulin, no
> more roller coaster.
> So is 9 too high? Maybe/Probably, but the other thing I'd like to
> encourage you to think about is, How is the rest of your life?  Are you
> eating, exercising, enjoying the things that give you pleasure?  If the
> answer is yes, then I think you are on your way to better control and a
> better life, living with DM.
I have to agree with Frank here. I got so tired of the 'Report Card'
mentality of DM that I actually avoided getting the HbA's done at my normal
(?) lab and went to a stranger and just picked up my own results. No matter
how hard I worked my HbA wasn't much below a 6.9-7.5% and they STILL gave me
'stick' about that.
Now-a-days, I accept the 7.2 and feel great.


Without enough sleep, we all become tall two year olds.

Jenny Sutherland
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