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Re: [IP] I Give Up! A1C wont Improve

On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 12:16  PM, Laura Shapiro wrote:
 >There isn't a whole lot left for me to do.

Greetings.  Like you my A1c is a constant regardless of: testing, 
tweaking, timing, etc.  So I will go out on a limb here and say: So what.
The reason I went onto the pump was two fold, to get better control 
(which has happened) AND to get a better quality of life.  Even with a 
constant A1c of 7 (which my endo wants below 6.5) I am living a great 
life!  All of my team thinks things are going great: diet, eyes, nerves, 
circulation, etc.  I have my life back, no more feeding the insulin, no 
more roller coaster.
So is 9 too high? Maybe/Probably, but the other thing I'd like to 
encourage you to think about is, How is the rest of your life?  Are you 
eating, exercising, enjoying the things that give you pleasure?  If the 
answer is yes, then I think you are on your way to better control and a 
better life, living with DM.
Good luck,
Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr.
IDDM since '85, MM507 since '98
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