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RE: [IP] Infusion Sets

Thanks, I printed this out and it goes with tomorrow.


Margo, I am also pretty new to pumping, and truly, YMMV. The first time I
inserted an infusion set, it was a Sof-set, and lets just say, it was pretty
scary and uncomfortable. I got the Sof-serter and it is now "painless",
depending on the site. When I use my legs/thighs it is uncomfortable, but
bad at all.
I have found that I like the Silhoutte sets best, and so far have had
absolutely no pain on insertion, and that is manually, no serter used.
I have also tried the Polyfin, bent needle infusion sets, and found that
while they were easy to use, they would either quickly come out (like in an
hour), or  something would happen to cause discomfort......they just don't
work for me.
Ask your educator to give you different sets to try, as that is why their
different types, cause we are all different. Good Luck. Tina H.
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