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Re: [IP] Nerve Question - some DM content

> Some of you will remember about 8 months ago I was
> concerned about loss of sensation in a lateral area
> just below my left knee cap.  Just before the loss of
> sensation I had been crawling around on my knees
> (looking for my glasses??) and experienced an
> excruciatingly sharp stabbing pain down my leg,
> originating just under the knee cap.

Is the word you are looking for neuropathy?  I hate  it when that happens

I had a nurse hit a nerve in my hip and the entire left outside of my hip
was numb for about a three months.

On another occasion, I was in a motorcycle accident with my foot being
caught  between the motorcycle and the car that hit me.

I don't remember pain associated with the nerve coming back for me.  Now
that I have my enderectotomy and a part of my neck is numb I'll pay
particular attention as that comes back, if it does.  I was told anywhere
between six months and never.

Uh yeah, looking for glasses..... Who wants a picture of Gail in her "pony
outfit"?   LOL


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