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Re: [IP] If I knew then...Top Tips

> 1.     showering: I remove my Animas pump for that.  I started out wearing
it, but it was a hassle to wear a belt in the shower or have it fall off of
a soap dish when I moved around.
> 2.     exercise: I remove my pump again.  I have seen so many people
having to eat extra when they exercise to avoid crashing I thought I'd avoid
the whole thing.  My BGs do go down even without the pump on but it's
withing good limits.
> 3.     site adhesion problems/solutions:  No problems there.  My comforts
are very secure with the adhesive that's on them.
> 4.     how to secure tubing:  I do nothing here. Except maybe not standing
close to moving freight trains.  (Wouldn't want to be swept up by a tanker
> 5.     sleeping:  I tried all sorts of stuff.  Finally I let my pump go to
wander about the bed.  I figure that as long as it was on a leash it was
safe.  Besides, it likes to exercise too!
> 6.     amour:  Guess I'll have to stop trying to pick up married women
(Honest guys, I didn't know she was married!!!!) before I can answer that.
> 7.     accessories (paradigm or otherwise)My Animas came with a clip and a
leather holster.  When  I sent the warantee in I got a face plate.  I don't
use the holster. And for awhile I didn't use the clip.  I am finding now
that using the clip can leave a pocket open for me to carry other stuff.

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