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Re: [IP] Re: I think I may beat the insurance company!!!

My insurance considers test strips durable medical equipment... i 
certianly don't use them for more than 5 seconds ;-} I'm $87.23 away 
from my out-of-pocket maximum for the year already, so i'll be ordering 
300-400 strips a month ("Oh doctor, I test 20 times a day *wink* 
*wink*") so that when next year hits i've got a little buffer before i 
have to pay the $400 deductible and 20% copay.
On another note: Are tests strips more expensive than they were 12 years 
ago? When I was diagnosed 12 years ago my insurance wouldn't pay for 
_any_ test strips so we paid like $45 for a box of 100 OneTouch strips 
at Costco. When I asked MiniMed how much they were charging my insurance 
for test strips, they said $45 for a box of 50. Have prices gone up that 
dramatically? Is MiniMed doing terrible things to my insurance? Or was 
Costco just _really_ cheap?

jhughey wrote:

>>I was contesting the fact that tubing even is durable since you throw it
>>every 2-3 days, and haranging them for not wanting to encourage better
>>now instead of paying for more expensive complications later.
>But durable means just that - durable. It doesn't wear out and is used over
>and over and over and over again - like a pump, or wheelchair, etc. The
>tubing is not reused as it is a disposable, not durable.
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