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[IP] Re: Sil Questions

I love the sil serter! I also had the same problem with the serter sticking
to my skin.
The problem that I found was that I was not letting the IV prep fully dry
before putting the set in. So now I take an extra thirty seconds of fanning
the area and the problem is solved. After insertion the feet of the sil
serter come right off once the jaws are released from the set. Try it, and
I hope this helps.

Michael Chambers

Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 12:33:59 -0500
From: "Terry Walkup" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Sil Questions

Hi All,

 Last month when I upgraded to the Paradigm pump, I switched from Quicksets
Sils. I purchased the silserter, as I am a big chicken and could never do a
manual insert! Here's the question/problem. Originally I was inserting too
and have since made an adjustment to a more shallow insertion, but almost
time I insert the sil using the serter, I have a heck of a time removing
serter! It seems to be sticking under the set, and I am getting really
frustrated! Saturday I was ready to pull the whole set out, but when I gave
it a
good tug to do so, the serter finally came loose. I don't know if I am
something wrong, or what. I read that most people don't like the sil
serter, but
hope someone out there has a few words of advice. You are my last hope
before I
call Minimed and trade all these sils in for Quicksets!

Terry Walkup
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