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Re: [IP] If I knew then....Top Tips

I'm a fairly new pumper (1 year Anniversary April 4th with the same Paradigm) 
I'm still learning, but here is what works for me:
1. showering
     I use Quicksets.  I disconnect, shower, reconnect while getting dressed.
     I don't use the stupid cover, suspend the pump or use a fixed bolus.
     So far, no problems.

2. Exercise
     I wear the pump on the waist of my gym shorts, bike shorts, tights, etc.
     I move it around until it's out of the way.
  For aerobics under an hour and/or with weight lifting, I don't use a temp
  Aerobics > hour, I set a temp at 50% starting a half hour prior to starting.
     Carbs prior to exercising, after ending and every hour during.
     Test Before, after and if I feel "Weird" during.

3. Site adhesion
     I use skin prep.  nothing else.

4. Secure Tubing
     I don't.  Haven't had a site fall out yet.

5. Sleeping
     Clip it to my underware.

6. Amour
     Disconnect just prior to.
     See Exercise.

7. Accessories
     Don't have any.
     I use the holster.  I would get the clip but I hear they're breaking.
     I might get an extra serter because I really like using it.

Good Luck
John and his Paradigm

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