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Re: [IP] Virus thru address book

This is a hoax.  The file is part of the windows OS and while not 
critical is needed for some operations

DO NOT delete the file.  If you have, contact Me and I can replace it 
for you - windows 98, 2000 or xp.

For information on true viruses and virus hoaxes, go to



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On Mon, 5 May 2003 18:27:29 EDT, email @ redacted wrote:
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>Subj:   Virus detected via address book
>Date:   5/6/03 12:15:14 AM Jerusalem Standard Time
>From:   <A
>HREF="mailto:email @ redacted">email @ redacted</A>
>Sent from the Internet (Details)
>** High Priority **
>I recieved this message today.  Following the sender's instructions
>I did
>find the virus on my C drive and deleted it.  I fear by virtue of
>your being
>in my address book your computer may also be infected.  Please check
>it out.
>Hi all, I got this message from a friend in another
>state. Sorry! A virus has been passed onto me. Since I
>found the signature "teddy bear," I need to send you
>this message also. My address book was infected. Since
>you are in my address book there is a good chance you
>will find it in your computer too.
>The virus is called jdbgmgr.exe and is suposedly not
>detected by Norton and McAfee anti-virus or by VET to
>date. The virus sits quietly for 14 days before
>damaging the system. It is sent automatically by
>messenger and by the address book, whether or not you
>send e-mails to your contacts. Here is how you check
>for the virus and how to get rid of it. fortunately it
>takes just a couple minutes
>I.. Go to windows explorer (or start), and the find or
>search option
>2.. In the File/Folder option type the name
>3.. Be sure you search your C drive and all sub
>folders and any other drives you may have
>4.. Click'Find Now'and'Search Now'
>5.. The virus has a teddy bear icon with the name
>jdbgmgr.exe DO NOT OPEN IT
>6.. Go to 'EDIT' on the menu bar, choose 'select
>all'to highlight the file without opening it
>7.. Now go to 'file' on the menu bar and
>select'delete'. It will then go to the recycle bin
>If you find the virus as I did you must contact all
>the people in your address book so they can eradicate
>it in their own address books. To do this
>I.. Open a new e-mail message
>2.. Click the icon at the address book next to the
>3.. Highlight every name and add to the'BCC'
>4.. Copy this message. Enter subject and paste to
>Again sorry!  Fortunately, the fix is quite simple.
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