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RE: [IP] If I knew then....Top Tips

Hi Eric,

I'll put in my .02 about numbers 1, 2, 4, and 7....

1. I always disconnect for showers.  When I first started pumping I would
prime about .2 units before reconnecting but I think I stopped after a few
months.  Haven't noticed a single difference.  My own personal rule of thumb
(and maybe this will help you with #6...) is that I can disconnect for under
an hour without any repercussion.  A huge YMMV on that one.

2. I highly recommend this for pumpers when exersizing:
=0  (For people who have problems with longer urls, please just copy and
paste it into your browser removing any carots.  Or just go to uniaccs.com
and look for the sport-pak)  This is a sport pack that is made out of
neoprene so it's very light weight and fits snug to your body.  I wear it to
the gym when I run and lift.  Inside I put my pump in the "secret"
compartment in the back, a tube of glucose tabs, driver's license, and gym
ID, and it's not bulky.  When I do kick boxing and yoga, I usually wear
those workout shorts or pants (some people call them bike shorts) and I'll
put the pump in a baby sock and either tuck it into my underwear so it's
held against my lower stomach above the hip bone (for yoga) or I'll safety
pin it to the inside waist band of my pants or shorts - on either side (for
kick boxing).  For me, if I do a blood sugar and it's under 90 and I know
I'll be working out for an hour, I'll just not wear the pump.  I do not do
this when I lift, however, as that tends to raise my blood sugar.

4. I've never taped the tubing to my body, but I know many do.  I usually
just tuck it into my underwear.  I wear the 43" tubing and it coils up
almost automatically.

7.  a. Baby socks are such a huge help.  I usually get mine at old navy
(cheap) and make sure they have the rubber bottoms so that 1. they're
anti-static, and 2. it helps the pump stay put better.  And they're cute....
    b.  See #2
    c.  the thigh thing (see minimed's website or www.uniaccs.com) helps
when sleeping (oooh, maybe that counts for #5?)
    d.  I like the clip n' gos for sleeping too.
    e.  I think I have almost every available accessory (yes, I'm a
compulsive shopper) so if you see something and what my opinion, please
don't hesitate to send me a note.

I hope that helps!  CONGRATULATIONS on your pump start!!  I hope you'll
truly enjoy the benefits of pumping.


email @ redacted
diabetic 21+ years, pumping for 1.5

Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 13:21:25 -0400
From: "Geller, Eric J." <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] If I knew then....Top Tips

Good afternoon,

Tomorrow I start on the pump and I'm pretty excited about it. I am
looking for tips and tricks you have learned over the years that you
wish you knew when you started pumping. I am mostly looking for day to
day living tips. Look at the list below as a starter. These and any
other suggestions you choose to share would be most appreciated. Thanks
in advance for your help and time.

1. showering
2. exercise
3. site adhesion problems/solutions
4. how to secure tubing
5. sleeping
6. amour
7. accessories (paradigm or otherwise)
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