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Re: [IP] Virus thru address book

Please note, that this is a HOAX!! Do NOT delete the file listed below. It 
is a file used by Windows. This has been posted on this list at least a 
dozen times over the last few years. To prevent these hoaxes from being 
spread in the future, please do not post any virus warnings directly onto 
the list without checking with HELP@insulin-pumpers.org first.

Two ways to strongly  suspect that messages like this are hoaxes:

1. It claims that none of the current anti-virus programs will detect this 
infection. (The truth is that for real viruses, there are new signature 
files posted within days)

2. It asks you to pass this on to everyone you know.

Also, if you do a Google search on "virus called jdbgmgr.exe" you'll find 
dozens of references to the truth of this type of thing.


Sam Skopp
One of the volunteer Insulin Pumpers administrators

 >** High Priority **
 >I recieved this message today.  Following the sender's instructions I did
 >find the virus on my C drive and deleted it.  I fear by virtue of your being
 >in my address book your computer may also be infected.  Please check it out.
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