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[IP] HELP! What to do on a vacation down the Colorado River in a raft??

 Hi. I use a Minimed 508 and am planning to go down the Colorado River in the
Grand Canyon this summer on a raft trip. The trip will be for 8 days and nights
and we will be on the river for at least 4-6 hours a day. We will probably get
quite wet at times and the possibility of falling in can not be ruled out. Since
my pump is not water proof, I wondered what my best options for the trip would
be. I know I could go off the pump for a week and use shots again or I could
disconnect and put the pump in a water proof place for the time we are on the
water or I could use the water proof sport case that minimed provides. Has
anybody done this trip with a pump or something similar?? I have traveled a lot
with the pump -last year for three weeks in Japan and the summer before on a
trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos, but have not had to worry about real water
exposure on either trip. Minimed will not lend me a paradigm. Any ideas would be
appreciated. Thanks. Debby
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