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Re: [IP] If I knew then....Top Tips

On Mon, 5 May 2003 13:21:25 -0400, Eric Geller asked:
 > Tomorrow I start on the pump and I'm pretty excited about it. I am
 > looking for tips and tricks you have learned over the years that you
 > wish you knew when you started pumping. I am mostly looking for day to
 > day living tips. Look at the list below as a starter. These and any
 > other suggestions you choose to share would be most appreciated. Thanks
 > in advance for your help and time.

 > 1.	showering
I use MM508 which is not waterproof. I disconnect at the Quick Release 
connector. The tape and dressing over the infusion site remain in place 
and are not significantly affected by the shower. The disconnected pump 
continues to deliver basal insulin. I don't suspend because we're only 
talking about 0.1 or 0.2 (+0.5) unit of insulin wasted. Before 
reconnecting I bolus 0.5 unit and make sure I see a drop of insulin at 
the connector.
 > 2.	exercise
This varies a great deal, depending on type of exercise. I ride a 
bicycle, usually for 25 miles or so. I clip the pump to the waist on the 
right side of my bicycle shorts. After much trial and error I found that 
by setting a lower basal (=0.2) for the duration of the ride I got 
satisfactory results. Typically I stop at mid-ride and eat 60-80 grams 
of carb with a 33:1 bolus while remaining on the 0.2 basal. After the 
end of the ride I have set my ride-day profile to deliver a basal that 
is 0.2 greater than for that period on a non-ride day for about 7 hours. 
I think this last part is somewhat unusual, so don't do it unless you 
find that you need it.
 > 3.	site adhesion problems/solutions
I have not had significant problems. I use the bent needle infusion set 
because I figure it isn't going to get crimped while bicycle riding. I 
use Nexcare Flexible Clear First Aid Tape (0.75") and IV3000 after 
prepping with IV Prep. When the body hair starts pulling I use an 
electric shaver.
 > 4.	how to secure tubing
See #3 above. I use 43" tubing and do nothing to secure it between the 
pump and the infusion site. I just put it inside my trousers or bike 
 > 5.	sleeping
I always keep the clip attached to the rear side of the pump, and always 
use the leather case that came with the 508. I clip the pump on the 
waist of pajamas or shorts, and sleep on my back or sides.
 > 6.	amour
Like the others have said, just do it. You'll find the best way.
 > 7.	accessories (paradigm or otherwise)
(Non-paradigm) The only one I use is the leather case supplied by 
MiniMed. If you consider the clip to be an accessory, I use it too, but 
the clip is really an essential part of any pump.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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