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[IP] Virus thru address book

Subj:   Virus detected via address book 
Date:   5/6/03 12:15:14 AM Jerusalem Standard Time
From:   <A HREF="mailto:email @ redacted">email @ redacted</A>
Sent from the Internet (Details)

** High Priority **

I recieved this message today.  Following the sender's instructions I did
find the virus on my C drive and deleted it.  I fear by virtue of your being
in my address book your computer may also be infected.  Please check it out.

Hi all, I got this message from a friend in another
state. Sorry! A virus has been passed onto me. Since I
found the signature "teddy bear," I need to send you
this message also. My address book was infected. Since
you are in my address book there is a good chance you
will find it in your computer too.

The virus is called jdbgmgr.exe and is suposedly not
detected by Norton and McAfee anti-virus or by VET to
date. The virus sits quietly for 14 days before
damaging the system. It is sent automatically by
messenger and by the address book, whether or not you
send e-mails to your contacts. Here is how you check
for the virus and how to get rid of it. fortunately it
takes just a couple minutes

I.. Go to windows explorer (or start), and the find or
search option
2.. In the File/Folder option type the name
3.. Be sure you search your C drive and all sub
folders and any other drives you may have
4.. Click'Find Now'and'Search Now'
5.. The virus has a teddy bear icon with the name
jdbgmgr.exe DO NOT OPEN IT
6.. Go to 'EDIT' on the menu bar, choose 'select
all'to highlight the file without opening it
7.. Now go to 'file' on the menu bar and
select'delete'. It will then go to the recycle bin

If you find the virus as I did you must contact all
the people in your address book so they can eradicate
it in their own address books. To do this
I.. Open a new e-mail message
2.. Click the icon at the address book next to the
3.. Highlight every name and add to the'BCC'
4.. Copy this message. Enter subject and paste to

Again sorry!  Fortunately, the fix is quite simple.



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