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Re: [IP] If I knew then....Top Tips

 1. showering - disconnect - if a long soaking bath may bolus a unit or two for
missed basal

 2. exercise - when you figure this one out let me know - this is my trouble

 3. site adhesion problems/solutions - hasn't been a problem - I use IV prep and
that's it - it i accidentely pull a site a bit loose (canula still in place)
then I tape down the back side of site -
4.  how to secure tubing - don't use safety loops - hate too much tape residue

 5. sleeping - have recently gone to the "wild and free" concept - doesn't
bother me at all - just floats loose and I flip it over when i do - i do have 1
pr of PJ's with a pocket i put it in in the top.

 6. amour - I'm writing a book "101 Kinky Things you can do wearing an insulin
pump" - I'll put you on the advance copy list. but in all seriousness - I just
leave it on and again let it float free - if I do disconnect then I SET THE
ALARM for no more than 1 1/2 hrs later just in case i fall asleep so that I can

 7. accessories (paradigm or otherwise) - stretchy waist belt, soft cotten - use

Linda & Dax
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