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[IP] If I knew then...Top Tips

1.     showering
      I disconnect my Animas and cover the opening on the infusion set
with its little plug (I use Comforts).  I usually bolus for how long I'll
be in the shower, in the mornings my basal rate is .6/hr so I bolus .2
for 20 minutes of being pump-less.
2.     exercise
      I adjust my carb:insulin ratio before exercise.  I am a 1:12 for
dinner, so if planning to go for a walk right after dinner (like 30
minutes afterward) I will bolus maybe 1:15.  For more strenuous or
longer-lasting exercise, you'll probably have to figure out your own body
chemistry and how it your blood sugars change over the next 8-12 hours.
3.     site adhesion problems/solutions     I haven't had any, the
comforts stick to my belly very well.  They go in at 90 degrees, so they
act a bit like an anchor.

4.     how to secure tubing
     No problems there, I just tuck the tubing into my pants or bra.(is
that what you meant?)
5.     sleeping
     I sewed a little pocket into my pajama pants.  I also have this
spandex contraption called a "thigh thing" that I think you can order at
www.diabetesmall.net It has a little pocket with velcro if you're wanting
to sleep w/out pajamas.
6.     amour
    The thigh thing works here, but you can also try just bolusing for
how long you think you'll be off the pump (just like showering).
7.     accessories (paradigm or otherwise)
     I have this neoprene (sp?) ! belt with a holder for the pump that
works for various situations, sleeping, hot weather when you don't want
the pump too close to your body, etc.  I think you can also get it at
www.diabetesmall.net  Also, you should look into a frio pack at
www.frio.com   Something that I have learned is that fiber can play a big
role in bloodsugar control, I don't know what your doctor has advised,
but I subtract the fiber from the carb count in foods if it is greater
than 5 grams per serving.  Higher fiber foods tend to keep my bloodsugars
from spiking up quickly and they tend to follow the curve of my novolog
well.Good luck!Katedx T1 1986, pmpg since 6/02 w/Animas & Novolog


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